Hello Everyone!
I pray this day finds everyone happy, safe, and content as we walk forward into 2016. Help!ComeHome! recently partnered with The Coast Bus Company (Head Supervisor, Mr. Rad Nichols) to host a fund raiser called Fill-A-Bus. The Portsmouth U-Haul Company (Jason Becksted, General Manager) also came forward by God's Grace and supplied us with one of their trucks at no charge! This was amazing! I want to give a special thanks to two HCH Board Members who worked tirelessly to put this together: Michelle Impey and Renee Anderson! Special thanks also to our dedicated HCH volunteer, Karen Howe. I also want to warmly thank the Portsmouth Hannafords Manager Alysha Mosher, (PICK AND PAY FOR LIFE FOR THE LOCALS LOL) Portsmouth Shaws Manager Mr.Pelitier, as well as The Portsmouth Rite Aid! Above all, I want to give a special thanks to our own community of Portsmouth and its surrounding towns! Thank you one and all! Every donation is greatly appreciated and will go a long way for so many mothers... Whoever still wants to donate, by all means go to a charity within your community. To donate to HCH, please visit
God Bless!!!