New England 2016!

Good Evening!

Help!ComeHome! has hit the ground running in this new year with various projects focusing on New England. Thanks to the generosity of the citizens of the Seacoast, we are now able this week to make substantial diaper deliveries to local shelters. Recently, we were able to make a special delivery to a South Boston non-profit. Last year, when bringing them food, they said they could really use diapers. They were the reason for starting the project. Also, we have been in Northern Maine to bring food baskets to those who live in rural areas. This undertaking is still ongoing. A warm thanks to Shaws and Walmart of Elsworth Maine who gave their support in our endeavors, in the fight against hunger. We also visit those who are down trodden in hospitals. Recently we went to Beth Israel Hospital to visit and aid someone in the Psychiatric Ward after a call to HCH came in asking for help. Please remember to aid your local non-profits as behind the scenes, they have given countless souls a reason to hope and have turned many tears into smiles... God Bless and Be Safe... (pictured in album: Dedicated worker Olive Fagan at SA Social Services, Mark Shelton and Allen Ramsay of HCH, and The Gracious Pastor of The Church of The Nazarene in Elsworth Maine who aided us in distributing a portion of the baskets in Jesus' Name.)

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