Keeping Kids Safe event Portland Maine

Good Afternoon!
Recently Help!ComeHome! attended a very special event in Portland Maine hosted by one of the most important non profits in America:it's called Keeping Kids Safe. Its founding member is Mr.Michael O'Neal.He is a law enforcement veteran who was able to see not only the old dangers that kids and teens face that we all are familiar with,but he saw a hidden clear and present danger that is claiming our kids attention,sound reason,and then unfortunately many of their lives.The unwitting enemy? Technology.....This non profit brings forth the most excellent programs to help both parents and kids to fully understand on how to keep away from all clear and present dangers that exists in our society today coming through technology.Co hosting the evening with the same purpose? Ridin Steel Bikers Against Bullying. Please parents! Look up these two non profits.The information they have may one day save your child's life! (Pictured-Chairperson HCH, Founder Michael O'Neal KKS non profit. and Kevin Murphy Field Tech HCH)

Take Care and God Bless!