Flint Michigan and HCH ongoing Water Project

Hello Everyone!

I pray this message finds everyone in safety and in good health. My prayers are with all who have fallen on hard times in these current days... The world news and our country's news haven't been great. As we walk into the future, there is actually a lot to seriously think about - especially when considering at the water crisis of Flint Michigan. The Government is finally being forced to step in... Thank God for all the agencies and folks from California who have come to aid our American Family there. This could well have been ANY of our communities... It's scary... This is one of the major reasons why Help!ComeHome! established THE WATER PROJECT over 3 years ago and continues help prepare communities across the nation for these very kinds of emergency situations.  We foresaw these days by God's Grace... if you want to know more about Flint, please go to http://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint_Water_crisis to educate yourself and your children. You can also simply google Flint Michigan water crisis! You can also get involved with the HCH water project by going to helpcomehome.org. No matter where you live, please find out how you can best help your community to prepare for any tough times ahead...Take Care...

Flint Water crisis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia