Hello one and all!!!! I just wanted to let you know that the non profit is hosting a celebration of special hardworking women of all ages and of moms that need a break in Jesus' Name... It doesn't matter what walk of life you may come from... On June 12, 2016, please let any Moms (young to seniors) as well as aunts, friends, and just hard working women know... It will be full spa pampering including facials, chair and hand messages, free makeovers and hair services!.. It will be at Ellie's Raw Juice and Oxygen Lounge at 146 Fleet St and The Portsmouth Spa across the street. We're working together so that Help!ComeHome! can bring this to women in Portsmouth for a day!! There will also be complimentary wine, and every woman will receive a wonderful piece of jewelry and gift bag! If you know of any that need a break, please tell everyone; they must RSVP before or on June 9th 2016.... 💜 =-) 1-603-422-6448 or 1-603-431-8014 to RSVP... Hope you can make it down!!!! Take Care and God Bless!!