Good Afternoon!

I am happy to say that Help!ComeHome!'s Special Event For Women went on yesterday without a hitch!!! I truly THANK GOD that for one day, 35 women could just put their feet up and literally be pampered and have rest and a great time with good company!!! It would not have been possible without the dedicated and most wonderful volunteers anyone could ask for! A Beautiful Special Thanks to Lynnette Nicholas, Mark Shelton, Alex Plourde, Alice D, Richardson, Darla D Gould, Katie Rice, Coleen E.Mayo, Michelle M Impey, Angela RIsden, Beth Sawyer, and Courtney Farley!! Beautiful Thanks to Mary and Jim Weisheit, The Proprietors of The Portsmouth Spa, and Also The Chairwoman of HCH's Business, Ellie's Raw Juice and Oxygen Lounge! Last but certainly not least, we especially thank Onboard Caterers!!! Just so Lovely and Gracious in their work!!! Pictures of The Event soon to follow!! =-) Take Care!