Honoring America's Seniors!

Good Afternoon,

America is a very big place as we all know and has a wide variety of Beloved citizens who were born and raised here at home as well from Abroad. Among the greatest of them are Our Senior Citizens. Some of them fought for all of our Freedoms,were True Farmers and Laborers that did just fine without Technology, Knew what raising a True Family was all about and Wisely raising children,and above all Had A Beautiful Code Of Moral Conduct Under God that Truly Taught How Humans are Supposed to Treat One Another. Help!ComeHome! often visits The Seniors here in New England as well as Abroad and I pray that if anyone reading this should have any free time,please stop and visit Our Beautiful Seniors....Bring some flowers and let them know they are greatly loved! They have amazing stories to share! Take Care and God Bless....(Volunteers on a Cruise with The Seniors}