New Members!

Good Evening America!

Help!Come!Home! would like to take a moment to recognize those who have come aboard with us in 2016 to aid in this Gracious Cause!

We’d like to welcome Octavio Rivas from Torréon, Mexico; Heather Froumy from Exeter, NH; Gerica Horn from Richmond, KY; Alice D. Richardson from Shapleigh, ME; Darla Dee Gould from Shapleigh, ME; Paul Pridgeon from Portsmouth, NH; Norma Ranson from Stroudsburg, PA; Zak Hoar from Lowell, MA; Cassandra Scott from Baltimore, MD; Melba Mayo-Martell from Missouri City, TX; and Kari Gauthier from Portsmouth, NH.

Bravo to you all! And to those, whom we haven’t met yet, we looking forward to working with you in the near future!

There are several others who have joined our efforts in the past few days alone... stay tuned for future updates!