Good Evening America!
By God's Blessing, the Charity has been able to hit the ground running in our Forever Quest to help those in need countrywide. Through the Thanksgiving holidays, we have been able to help over 200 Families throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and the Eastern Seaboard all the way to Florida. We couldn't have done it without the selfless volunteers giving their love and time! I give a special, humble thanks for all who have rallied to the call!! Great loving thanks to Allen Ramsay, Kimmy Burga Sullivan =-), Darcy Tardiff, Darla Dee Gould, Carolyn Thomas, Terry Risden, Lynnette Nicholas, Rossine Mayo, Kevin Murphy, Sarah Cooper, Evon Cooper, Coleen Mayo, Michelle Impey, and Chairwoman Ellie Mayo !!! We will continue to help as many as possible in Jesus Name... Amen