Good Evening America,
I pray this message finds everyone well... Every year the charity makes a journey across the country going into cities and towns to aid in the fight to help the so many endless cries of those in need... Recently, volunteers traveled to Maryland and The Washington DC Metro area to partner with fellow charities. We were able to deliver water to one of the areas largest Shelters, The DC Kitchen. Water is in demand more and more in so many communities... We also worked with The Food and Friends Non Profit which brings food, prayers, and hope to Families, Seniors, Disabled ,and Homeless... Special thanks to Darla Gould, Coleen Eagan Mayo, Shawn Day, Lynnette Nicholas, Mark Shelton, Allen Ramsay, Antonio Peppers, and Michelle Impey!!! Thank you all and love you!! Special love to Evelyn Kennedy, Emily Saleme, and Iesha Pearson From Ohio State University!!