Good Evening,

These past few weeks have been horrible for so many across America. Our Heart, Prayers, and Love are with Everyone not only in Word but also in Deed... I have been very troubled for the Many still without Water. We have even shipped water to some who weren't able to get it before the storm... Some of the Communities that we previously asked to join in with HCH's WATER PROJECT refused our offers because they were confident that they would NEVER find themselves in ANY SITUATIONS like we thought... THEY were dead wrong!!!!!! THEY WOULD HAVE HAD WATER HAD THEY LISTENED.... So I humbly hope that our future endeavors at home in New England and abroad will find a different response, using these Unfortunate Disasters as School Teachers... no one knows the future or The Hand or Arm of God or His Righteous Judgements... The Stored Water will and can Only Help and Save Many Lives in an Uncertain Fate... Neighbor Helping Neighbor in a Time of Emergency... God Be With You All... Amen

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