HCH in Texas: Part II

Good afternoon, America!

Here’s another segment on our journey in Texas, which took us to Houston following this year’s particularly brutal hurricane season. HCH members ventured out in teams to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Even though weeks had passed since Harvey first struck, we found entire neighborhoods in serious disrepair. Many hardworking Americans had used their life-savings to move from neighborhoods that suffered the most damage. Without a backup plan, many of these individuals are now entirely dependent on government agencies and humanitarian organizations for recovery.

In partnership with the Salvation Army in Houston, HCH volunteers prepared food baskets to distribute to families in need throughout the Houston area. 

HCH representatives also met with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services to distribute food baskets and connect with families struggling to pay their bills.

We invite you to take a look at some of our memories from Houston below. We extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated volunteers: Allen Ramsay, Mark Shelton, Tony Peppers, Lynnette Nicholas, Darla Dee-Gould, Coleen Mayo, Sarah Cooper, and of course our Chairwoman Alison Mayo who organizes all HCH relief efforts!

Stay tuned for a video about hurricane damage in Houston… We haven’t heard about it in the news for weeks, but families are still struggling to recover.

Stay blessed!

The Help!ComeHome! Team