HCH Benefit Concert a Success in Jesus's Mighty Name!

Good morning, America!

Here at HCH we've been relishing in the memories of our very first major fundraising event. As team leader, I had been working with a dedicated team of volunteers, planning for, and anticipating the event for months. To see everything come to fruition has we had envisioned was a true blessing from the Great King Above. 

Last Tuesday, residents from the Greater Boston Area and beyond came to Bemis Hall in Lincoln for an evening of music performed by HCH volunteers Thomas Cooper, Sarah Joyce Cooper (myself), Roland Clark, Darla-Dee Gould, and pianists Rachel Goodwin and Tae Kim. Featuring a variety of selections and genres, the program reflected the diversity of the individuals and communities HCH serves on a regular basis throughout the country. All proceeds from the concert have been set aside to support HCH projects throughout the country and Navajo Reservation.

The concert would not have been a success without the many volunteers who gave time, energy, and heart to make Tuesday night possible. We'd like to offer our deepest thanks to Michelle I. Mayo, Mark Shelton, Coleen Egan, Lynnette Nicholas, Matthew Walsh, Alice Richardson, Darla Dee-Gould, Roland Clark, Thomas Cooper, Rachel Goodwin, Allen Ramsay, Carolyn Thomas, and Bear Freeman. Of course without Chairwoman and HCH founder Alison "Ellie" Mayo, whose prayerful guidance has directed this charity since its conception, none of us would have the privilege or opportunity to serve in such a worthy cause.

Many thanks to the Boston Collaborative for partnering with HCH, helping cover production costs, helping us meet deadlines, and spreading the word. We are so grateful for the crucial role you played in making this concert happen.  

Take care and Godspeed!

Sarah Joyce Cooper