Good Morning America!

I can only pray this message finds everyone well... The Charity is well into the work for 2018 and has traveled into various states across the US bringing love, support of all kinds, water, and hope! We also got many homeless off the streets!! Our journey began in Massachusetts and continued to Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Utah, Montana, Oregon, California, Navajo Nation, and Oklahoma! The Team and I then came back into Boston for our very first major fundraising event, which went off without a hitch!! We will be showing a picture-story of our journey within these next few weeks!! Special thanks with love to Alice Derochemont Richardson, Darla Dee Gould, Michael Damour, Matthew Walsh, Sarah Cooper, Thomas Cooper, Michelle Mayo, Coleen Mayo, Mark Shelton and Allen Ramsay !! Thank The Lord for your beautiful hearts!! God Bless and Take Care!! xoxo