Good Evening America!
I pray all is well for many... there are those in every Community that sometimes fall on hard times and must count on The Kindness of Charities... Remember The Unwritten Law Of Kindness From Above as we come into The Fall and Winter Months... if you have a little extra, help your Community by giving to your local Charities Nationwide...They are a Godsend for so many... In recent weeks, Help!ComeHome! has been back in New England and is Partnering with local Organizations to help feed and clothe Our Dear Citizens... One of those Non-Profits is The Seabrook Community Action Program which has Tirelessly helped 100's of Folks... A special Thank you to Larae Cantave, Naara Cantave, Johannah Cantave, Tommy Caswell, Michelle Cowles, George (Bear)Freeman, Mark Shelton, Shawn Day,Karen Howe, Michelle Mayo Impey, Lynnette Nicholas, Carolyn Thomas, Raymond Harris, Coleen Mayo and our Chairwoman, Alison(Ellie) Mayo!! Also Thank God For The Portsmouth Panera Bread for Their Open Hearts.... Many homeless were fed in Rochester NH because of their Donation!!! God Bless!