Good Morning America!
As everyone walks into the future of yet another year, please remember to visit, see, love, and physically reach out and hug those that are near and dear to you. Please spend quality time with those whom you highly regard in your hearts... Artificial Intelligence is a wonderful tool when seeking your loved ones out, when trying to help people from a distance, or when reconnecting with those you haven't seen in years.... But please do not EVER forget that human contact and interaction is a gift from God. More and more with younger generations, this gift is being lost to machines... Help!ComeHome!, no matter how long it takes, tries to help countless souls in need by using vehicle which was here in the beginning of mankind: love through human contact... That which seems tedious is actually the way normal life is and was meant to be. It will always be the perfect way for us... God bless everyone no matter which way you choose or have chosen... If you choose the robots, God Bless You. If you choose the way it was in the beginning, God bless you. God bless one and all... You are in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers… Amen