Good Afternoon,
As most Americans go through their lives,some encounter day to day issues in their individual fates beyond their control and unfortunately it leads to a downward spiral. All who are Stable and Blessed need Understanding,Brotherly Love, and a Non Judging Patient Charity when coming across any in our American Family who have fallen into a position where they are down and out. Not EVERY person that is homeless or afflicted is lazy or a bum.You will find if you take time to observe and listen with God's General Law Of Kindness in your Heart, a lot of the time you will leave them knowing the full TRUE story and not some society driven made up judgemental scenario that you take as the Final and Supreme WORD.....Here are our Beautiful yet Painfully Sorrowfilled Memories from Chicago Illinois on our Stop into one of many mini tent cities in our Journey through Upper America...A Warm Smile A Hug and The Giving Of Creature Comforts go A Very Long Way Before The Lord God ........we also introduced ourselves to The Health and Human Services There......

God Bless and Much Love