Good Afternoon,

I pray this message finds everyone well. Here at Help!ComeHome! we always try to honor our very own "Minuteman." They are a special group of volunteers who lay down their lives continuously and effortlessly for our American family in Jesus’s Name whenever called... Beautiful love and thanks to our core team: Lynnette Nicholas, Karen Howe, Renee Anderson, Melba Martell, Rossine Mayo, Coleen Eagan Mayo, Michelle Impey, Mark Shelton, Antonio Peppers, Allen Ramsay, Carolyn Thomas, Matthew Walsh, Darla Dee Gould, Alice Derochemont Richardson, Michael Damour, Sarah Cooper. Many thanks also to Terry Risden, Larae Cantave, Kevin Murphy, Mike De La Cruz, Terry Flower, Bear Freeman, Keri Gauthier, Thomas Cooper, and Shawn Day, who are always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. Also, a great nod to our beloved Chairwoman Ellie (Alison) Mayo, who humbly makes sure everything runs like a well oiled machine at all times with a cross on her back... Thank God for all of the many volunteers who come to help when they are able... Thanks also to Dan Mayo and Nancy Bardsley. Also, a special love in remembrance of all the team members working tirelessly behind the scenes... God bless one and all.