Remembering a Beloved Sister

Good afternoon, America,

I hope this message finds each of you dry, warm, and safe. Our team suffered a devastating loss yesterday with the death of a beloved sister, cousin, and friend. As we rally our forces together to stand with our family in this time of deep need, we’ll have to shift our focus away from some of this year’s projects previously underway. We expect a 3 week delay for most of our plans, including our mission trips to NYC, Philadelphia, and the lower eastern seaboard.

We appreciate your prayers and understanding as we tend to the needs of our brothers and sisters and remember the legacy of an extraordinary woman who withstood injustice against the innocent in Jesus’s Name. It has been a particularly difficult loss for our chairwoman and several of our board members and volunteers. They were her blood-relatives and family members within the Household of Faith.

We are grateful to you, our American family, for your continued support of our work - whether through your hands’ on participation or through your thoughts and prayers from a distance.

Please try to take time to see your loved ones in person if you can - not through an electronic screen. That’s the way God meant it to be. You never know what a day might bring.