Good Evening,
I pray this message finds everyone safe and in good health... We returned to our home base just a handful of days ago after seeking out disenfranchised communities throughout the US in Jesus's Name. In our long, eventful journey this summer across the North and Southwest, we met so many members of our American Family who had become homeless for various, heartbreaking reasons, but who had the most positive and humble spirits in spite of their circumstances. They were very thankful for any help given - even for just a warm smile or listening ear. One of the cities where we found this spirit in so many was Salt Lake City, Utah. We were thankful to return to this city after traveling there in previous cross-country trips. We were truly moved by two police officers we met while there. They were not only genuinely looking out for the good of the city, but also for the homeless to make sure they were safe in the park where they were permitted to stay and rest. While traveling across our Great Country in Jesus's Name, we've met countless police officers. ALL of them have been very kind, informative, and willing to help us - whether with directions or in answering our questions about their community. Here are a few of our memories from a handful of weeks ago. God Bless the Great Folks of Salt Lake City...

Take Care and God Bless