Good Morning to Our Dear American Family,

Our hearts are heavy and our heads stay bowed before The Lord because tragedy after tragedy and judgement have become more common place. IN THIS YEAR ALONE, LET US REMEMBER: Dayton, Ohio - 10 Precious Souls; El Paso, Texas - 20 Precious Souls; Gilroy, California - 4 Precious Souls; Virginia Beach, Virginia - 13 Precious Souls; Highlands Ranch, Colorado - 1 Precious Soul; Charlotte, North Carolina - 2 Precious Souls; Poway, California - 1 Precious Soul; Aurora, Illinois - 6 Precious Souls; Houston, Texas - 2 Precious Souls; Ascension Parish and Livingston Parish, Louisiana - 5 Precious Souls; and Sebring, Florida - 5 Precious Souls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not including the COUNTLESS AMERICANS WHO HAVE BEEN WOUNDED and WHO HAVE SUFFERED LOSS OF LOVED ONES... Think about your day-to-day grudges that you think are so great between you and others. Before God, we all need to lay aside the day-to-day "riff stuff" and depend on The Lord and each other to get through these times of peril. Save your energies and frustrations to fight an ever-looming enemy that you cannot always see with your natural eyes... HOME GROWN TERRORISTS... we are all part of this American Family under God and EVERYONE, EVEN THE ONES YOU MAY THINK ARE THE WORST OF THE WORST, CAN USE A PRAYER... Prayers and much Love for the Household of Faith and Our American Family in Jesus Name without ceasing... Blessed be all the countless and nameless Americans who continually have come out to stand firmly yet peaceably against the force of Evil that has stepped out of the shadows and is rearing its head more and more in this country... Amen.


Good Afternoon!

I Pray this message finds you well... The year is half over and the Charity's Board has been through several heartbreaks of their own as well as through those of our American Brothers and Sisters during their times of Endless Heartbreaks and Sorrows... We have been busy plugging away at our set agenda in Jesus Name... One yearly journey we take is with Pastor Scott Shelton and his Beautiful Wife Gail from the Apopka Florida Ministry. We accompany his team to Costa Rica on their Missionary Journey to do The Lord's Work in helping these Humble, Grateful Souls with Prayers, Love, food, furniture, clothing, health care, home repairs, and above all, showing them the Way to The Lord Jesus and His Kingdom (as we do with countless souls for our American Family in all of these things.) We are just flying in from this very life-changing and heart-wrenching Road... Here are some of our memories in pictures... Take Care and God Bless...


Good Afternoon,

It most certainly, without question has been a very long, sorrow-filled month and a half for many members in our Organization, but the Work of The Lord must go forward. Even through our time of mourning, we never stopped taking crisis calls or helping out folks from all walks of life. We will be getting back to the agenda that was set at the beginning of the year and try to cover as much as we are able. We love and Thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for their continued prayers and words of strength and support as we go forward in Jesus’s Name!


Alison (Ellie) Mayo


Remembering a Beloved Brother

Dear HCH,

I wish I were writing with better news. Some of you have already heard, but many of our volunteers and our entire board suffered another devastating loss this weekend in the sudden and unexpected death of another family member. This man was not only a Man of God, but also a beloved brother, parent, uncle, and cousin. He was known for his love of God, his ability to share his faith, and his generosity and kindness toward those in need.

We appreciate your understanding as we mourn yet another loss. We now expect an approximately 30-day delay to our itinerary. We will do our best to keep the calendar updated with the most recent changes to our schedule.

We are forever grateful to our entire American and international team for their support, prayers, and sympathy. It makes a big difference to know that people care.

Remembering a Beloved Sister

Good afternoon, America,

I hope this message finds each of you dry, warm, and safe. Our team suffered a devastating loss yesterday with the death of a beloved sister, cousin, and friend. As we rally our forces together to stand with our family in this time of deep need, we’ll have to shift our focus away from some of this year’s projects previously underway. We expect a 3 week delay for most of our plans, including our mission trips to NYC, Philadelphia, and the lower eastern seaboard.

We appreciate your prayers and understanding as we tend to the needs of our brothers and sisters and remember the legacy of an extraordinary woman who withstood injustice against the innocent in Jesus’s Name. It has been a particularly difficult loss for our chairwoman and several of our board members and volunteers. They were her blood-relatives and family members within the Household of Faith.

We are grateful to you, our American family, for your continued support of our work - whether through your hands’ on participation or through your thoughts and prayers from a distance.

Please try to take time to see your loved ones in person if you can - not through an electronic screen. That’s the way God meant it to be. You never know what a day might bring.

UPDATES 2019!!! =)

Good Afternoon,

Help!ComeHome! has covered a lot of ground already this year in Jesus Name abroad in the UK, here in the New England states, as well as in NYC working with New York Cares... Team members also brought a load of water and goods to a few Shelters in FL... Thank God for Gracious Folks! The woman who won the billion dollar lottery prize has dedicated a portion of her win to helping Alabama... That allows so many charities such as ours to help out some of the other many endless Middle Class Communities that make up Small Town America... Follow us as we prepare for our spring and summer excursions back to NYC, Philadelphia, and the Mid-Atlantic states. We will also be going on the yearly Journey to Costa Rica in June headed up by Pastor Scott Shelton and his wife. If you have any questions about our work or would like to join us in our efforts, don't hesitate to reach out! We would love to have you on board!

Take Care and God Bless!


Good Afternoon,

As we all walk into what seems to be a future of much uncertainty for many Americans, I pray that all will stop for a moment to count their Blessings no matter how small or large. So many at this time are without a roof over their heads, have no adequate food on their tables, have failing health without any insurance or hope, and some are even without reasonable clean clothes. Countless are unable to make ends meet from jobs being taken over by Robot Technology and, right here in America, many are without Clean Water!! The list goes on and on before God and increases day after day... no matter where you are, remember to help the less fortunate if you truly have it to give... No One Has Walked One Mile in Anyone's Shoes and Judgement Is God's.

Take Care and God Bless,
The Team At Help!ComeHome!



Good Evening,
Help!ComeHome! has been concentrated in Northeast By The Grace Of God and in the past few months we have brought Our Love,Prayers ,Hope,Food,and Bill Relief to Countless Hearts in Our American Family......as well as aiding some our Dear school Departments.....we will be leaving on our yearly Journey into various cities and towns across America...Our Love,Tears ,and Prayers go out to Alabama where we are planning an Emergency Trip..Special Thanks to Sarah Cooper,Mark Shelton,Karen Howe,Coleen Mayo,Michelle Impey,Lynnette Nicholas,Terry Flowers,Carolyn Thomas,Rossine Mayo,Matthew Walsh,Allen Ramsay,Darla Dee Gould,and Renee Anderson,🙏❤️


Good Afternoon,

I pray this message finds everyone well..The one thing we always want to honor here at Help!ComeHome! are our Beautiful" Minuteman" Special Group of Volunteers Who Lay Down Their Lives Continuously And Effortlessly For Our American Family In Jesus Name Whenever Called..... Beautiful Love and Thanks To our Core Team: Lynnette Nicholas ,Karen Howe,Renee Anderson,Melba Martell,Rossine Mayo,Coleen Eagan Mayo,Michelle Impey,Mark Shelton,Antonio Peppers,Allen Ramsay, Carolyn Thomas,Matthew Walsh,Darla Dee Gould,Alice Derochemont Richardson,Michael Damour,Sarah Cooper,and for Terry Risden, Larae Cantave,Kevin Murphy,Mike De La Cruz,Terry Flower,Bear Freeman,Keri Gauthier,Thomas Cooper, and Shawn Day who are always ready to lend a helping hand when needed.Also A Great Nod To Our Beloved Chairwoman Ellie (Alison) Mayo who humbly makes sure everything runs like a well oiled Machine at All Times With A Cross On Her Back....Thank God for all Of The Many Countless Volunteers who come to help when they are able...Thank You Dan Mayo.and Nancy Bardsley.
Also a Special Love in Remembrance to all The Team Members Working Tirelessly behind the scenes............God Bless One And All.


Good Morning America!
As Everyone walks into their Individual Future of yet another year, please remember to Visit, See, Love, and Actually Reach Out and Hug Those That are Near and Dear To You. Please spend quality time with those Whom You Highly Regard In Your Hearts... Artificial Intelligence is a Wonderful Tool when seeking your Loved Ones Out and Making Contact with Those You haven't seen in years or are trying to help from a distance.... But Please Do Not EVER Forget that Human Contact and Interaction is a Gift From God. More and more with Recent Generations it’s Being Lost To Machines... Help!ComeHome!, No matter how long it Takes, tries to use that Vehicle which was here in the Beginning Of Mankind To Help Countless Souls In Need... Actual Love Through Human Contact... That Which Seems Tedious is actually the way Normal Life is and was meant and shall always Be Held As The Perfect Way for Us... God Bless Everyone No Matter Which Way You Choose or Have Chosen... If you choose The Robots God Bless You, Or The Way It Was In The Beginning, God Bless One and All... You Are In Our Thoughts, Hearts, And Prayers… Amen


Good Afternoon One and All,

Thank God for Anyone who has The Blessing of Being surrounded by Loved Ones, Having a Roof over Your Heads, and Food on Your Tables Every Day of The Year, Especially During Your Seasonal Celebrations... Some Americans aren't that Blessed and Must Depend on The Kindness of Others Because ofBeing Handed a Horrible Set of Circumstances Through Their Fate.... This is how some of our Beloved American Family Who Are Still Reeling From Natural Disasters are Living Through These Times... in Tent Cities... Thank God For The Patient Love of The Panama City Police, The Love of The Non Profit Samaritan's Purse, The Love Of Pastor Andrews of Panama City and Trisha Brown From Tallahassee Florida Who Represents The Florida Poor People's Campaign Assoc. God Bless Them and Countless Others... 😔🙏🏾

Take Care and God Bless


Good Morning to All!

I sincerely hope before God that everyone is feeling Loved, Safe, Blessed, and with those they truly care for as they go forth celebrating their Own Personal Holiday .......Savor every moment with your Loved Ones no matter what day it is ... Never forget the Blessing of being on American Soil.... and whether you have a lot or a little Thank God you are not in a country such as this trying to live and celebrate anything❤️ Please remember our own citizens of natural disasters!!

Take Care and Be Safe☮️



Good Afternoon,
The Charity has been working in areas of the US ravaged by Hurricanes. Here, we have given our Love, our Time, our Tithes, and a Truck Load of Supplies. The Aftermath, Clean-up, and Rebuilding is just in its Infancy Stages. It’s Truly Heartbreaking... Many People take so much for granted. You never know what a Day Might Bring as we each walk in Our Lives Before The Lord... anyone could find themselves facing a Tragedy such as this... you just don't know.... We will dedicate our next posts to our American Family affected in these areas... The Press brings so much to its viewers and readers, Thank God, but there's nothing like the Naked Eye, hearing stories, giving hope, and drying Tears along The Journey in The Name of The Great King...

God Bless and Take Care


Good Evening!
As this year winds down, many people find themselves without homes, jobs, a car, their health, and the list goes on and on. Nonprofits and Charities are now needed more than ever before. Every year, HCH partners with various organizations but none makes quite an impact in New England like The Pine Street Inn in Boston, which Aids 1000's of Americans every year. Here are some memories from when we recently worked together with their Volunteers! God Bless and Take Care... Special Thanks to Terry Flower, Darla Dee Gould, Alice Derochemont Richardson, Allen Ramsay, Mark Shelton, Sarah Cooper, Lynnette Nicholas (me lol), Tony Peppers, Karen Howe, Carolyn Thomas, and Coleen Mayo and our Wonderful Chairwoman: Ellie Mayo

HCH and Burlington Stores

Good Evening, America!

For those of you who don't know, Help!ComeHome! has been chosen to become a Community Partner of Burlington Stores (formerly Burlington Coat Factory). Burlington Stores provide both new and gently used clothing to the nonprofit organizations with whom they partner; HCH is now qualified to receive donations from the 524 nonprofit organizations within their charity network.

This new partnership will help us to continue in our mission to meet the needs of the homeless, destitute, and afflicted in the Name of Jesus.

Burlington Stores have already given us a literal truckload of new winter clothing items, kitchen supplies, and other assorted merchandise to distribute in our annual winter outreach efforts. Many of these items will go directly to hurricane victims in Florida and the Carolinas.

Take a look at some pictures of the HCH crew at the Burlington Store opening and ribbon cutting ceremony :-) Many thanks to all of our volunteers!!

Shout out to Mark Shelton, Allen Ramsay, Michelle I. Mayo, Coleen Mayo, Larae Cantave, Darla Dee-Gould, Alice DeRochemont, Shayna DeRochemont, Terry Flower, Lynnette Nicholas, Karen Howe, Renee Anderson, Carolyn Thomas, Mike Damour, Kevin Murphy, Matthew Walsh, Terry Risden, Evon Cooper, Sarah Cooper, and of course our chairwoman, Ellie Mayo.


Help Come Home

Good Morning,
HCH would like to continue to share our memories from 2018. Here are some from our travels through California, where we met many new organizations and partnered with some as well! Many Members of our American Family helped along the way in Jesus's Name... Special Thanks and Love to Darla Dee Gould, Lynnette Nicholas, Matthew Walsh and Dear Friend William, all of our New Friends, as well as Lydia Demi and The Lovely Nina DeRochemont who filled all hearts with Hope and Peace in The Journey.

God Bless and Be Safe!


Good Morning America! As The Charity prepares to depart from New England to embark on another Journey into our Dear Great Land helping to fill a never ending void, we now go forward to help those who are facing The Judgement from Florence and now Michael. We have our heads bowed in prayer for all and are eternally grateful for all Non-profits and Charities from The Greatest to the Smallest who have taken up The Cross to bring Love, Hope, and Life to those who are Fallen. In Jesus Name we come... Truly... Amen

God Bless xo


Good Afternoon America!

We have so many in our prayers at this time, especially those who have been hit by The Judgement of Hurricane Florence and Her Fury... our hearts go out to all with great sorrow... Thankfully, here in The US, there are countless charities, nonprofits, and beautiful citizens that rally to help most of our American Family when needed!!! Help!ComeHome! will also be helping and partnering with sister charities and organizations to aid in a NEVER ENDING and Desperately Needful Cause... Wherever you may be, if you have a little extra to spare, it can make a HUGE difference in the life of a person with nothing!!

God Bless and Take Care!


The Dire Importance of Jesus and His Love

Why is the mission of Help!ComeHome! so important? This article (“Americans Want to Believe Jobs Are the Solution to Poverty. They’re Not.”) from The New York Times Magazine gives some answers. HCH and organizations like it will only become more relevant as American poverty becomes increasingly inescapable.

Passing judgement without having all of the facts can only lead to separations, divisive groups, and prejudice everywhere. Please try to follow the example of Jesus and His Charity in Brotherly Kindness. We try. Thank you.


Good Evening America!
I pray all is well for many... there are those in every Community that sometimes fall on hard times and must count on The Kindness of Charities... Remember The Unwritten Law Of Kindness From Above as we come into The Fall and Winter Months... if you have a little extra, help your Community by giving to your local Charities Nationwide...They are a Godsend for so many... In recent weeks, Help!ComeHome! has been back in New England and is Partnering with local Organizations to help feed and clothe Our Dear Citizens... One of those Non-Profits is The Seabrook Community Action Program which has Tirelessly helped 100's of Folks... A special Thank you to Larae Cantave, Naara Cantave, Johannah Cantave, Tommy Caswell, Michelle Cowles, George (Bear)Freeman, Mark Shelton, Shawn Day,Karen Howe, Michelle Mayo Impey, Lynnette Nicholas, Carolyn Thomas, Raymond Harris, Coleen Mayo and our Chairwoman, Alison(Ellie) Mayo!! Also Thank God For The Portsmouth Panera Bread for Their Open Hearts.... Many homeless were fed in Rochester NH because of their Donation!!! God Bless!