Good Morning America! As The Charity prepares to depart from New England to embark on another Journey into our Dear Great Land helping to fill a never ending void, we now go forward to help those who are facing The Judgement from Florence and now Michael. We have our heads bowed in prayer for all and are eternally grateful for all Non-profits and Charities from The Greatest to the Smallest who have taken up The Cross to bring Love, Hope, and Life to those who are Fallen. In Jesus Name we come... Truly... Amen

God Bless xo


Good Afternoon America!

We have so many in our prayers at this time, especially those who have been hit by The Judgement of Hurricane Florence and Her Fury... our hearts go out to all with great sorrow... Thankfully, here in The US, there are countless charities, nonprofits, and beautiful citizens that rally to help most of our American Family when needed!!! Help!ComeHome! will also be helping and partnering with sister charities and organizations to aid in a NEVER ENDING and Desperately Needful Cause... Wherever you may be, if you have a little extra to spare, it can make a HUGE difference in the life of a person with nothing!!

God Bless and Take Care!


The Dire Importance of Jesus and His Love

Why is the mission of Help!ComeHome! so important? This article (“Americans Want to Believe Jobs Are the Solution to Poverty. They’re Not.”) from The New York Times Magazine gives some answers. HCH and organizations like it will only become more relevant as American poverty becomes increasingly inescapable.

Passing judgement without having all of the facts can only lead to separations, divisive groups, and prejudice everywhere. Please try to follow the example of Jesus and His Charity in Brotherly Kindness. We try. Thank you.


Good Evening America!
I pray all is well for many... there are those in every Community that sometimes fall on hard times and must count on The Kindness of Charities... Remember The Unwritten Law Of Kindness From Above as we come into The Fall and Winter Months... if you have a little extra, help your Community by giving to your local Charities Nationwide...They are a Godsend for so many... In recent weeks, Help!ComeHome! has been back in New England and is Partnering with local Organizations to help feed and clothe Our Dear Citizens... One of those Non-Profits is The Seabrook Community Action Program which has Tirelessly helped 100's of Folks... A special Thank you to Larae Cantave, Naara Cantave, Johannah Cantave, Tommy Caswell, Michelle Cowles, George (Bear)Freeman, Mark Shelton, Shawn Day,Karen Howe, Michelle Mayo Impey, Lynnette Nicholas, Carolyn Thomas, Raymond Harris, Coleen Mayo and our Chairwoman, Alison(Ellie) Mayo!! Also Thank God For The Portsmouth Panera Bread for Their Open Hearts.... Many homeless were fed in Rochester NH because of their Donation!!! God Bless!


Good Afternoon!!

As we previously posted, Help!ComeHome! has made one of the most Life-Changing and Heart-Moving trips across our Great Land... In hidden and sometimes Forgotten small-town America, we introduced our Organization and brought Hope and Aid to the Weary... Because it was such a long Journey, we will tell it in pictures... One of the Most Memorable parts was the time spent in Oregon. The Chairwoman, Ellie Mayo and one of our Field Techs, Alice Derochemont Richardson, have a Beloved Childhood Friend there, Bobby Baker! A Beautiful and Tearful Reunion... Thank God for the Hospitality of His Amazing Wife, Leann! Our Prayers and Our Love are Forever with Them, Especially at this time when Bobby just underwent a life-saving medical Procedure!! Here are some of our Memories and places we introduced The Charity to!! God Bless!


Good Morning America!

I can only pray this message finds everyone well... The Charity is well into The Work for 2018 and has traveled Across The US going into various states bringing love, support of all kinds, water, and hope! We also got many Homeless off the streets!! Our Journey began in Massachusetts and continued to Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Utah, Montana, Oregon, California, Navajo Nation, and Oklahoma! Myself and The Team then came back to Boston for Our very first Benefit which went off without a hitch!! We will be showing a picture story of our Journey in these next few weeks!! Special Thanks With Love To Alice Derochemont Richardson, Darla Dee Gould, Michael Damour, Matthew Walsh, Sarah Cooper, Thomas Cooper, Michelle Mayo, Coleen Mayo, Mark Shelton and Allen Ramsay !! Thank The Lord for your Beautiful Hearts!! God Bless and Take Care!! xoxo

HCH Benefit Concert a Success in Jesus's Mighty Name!

Good morning, America!

Here at HCH we've been relishing in the memories of our very first major fundraising event. As team leader, I had been working with a dedicated team of volunteers, planning for, and anticipating the event for months. To see everything come to fruition has we had envisioned was a true blessing from the Great King Above. 

Last Tuesday, residents from the Greater Boston Area and beyond came to Bemis Hall in Lincoln for an evening of music performed by HCH volunteers Thomas Cooper, Sarah Joyce Cooper (myself), Roland Clark, Darla-Dee Gould, and pianists Rachel Goodwin and Tae Kim. Featuring a variety of selections and genres, the program reflected the diversity of the individuals and communities HCH serves on a regular basis throughout the country. All proceeds from the concert have been set aside to support HCH projects throughout the country and Navajo Reservation.

The concert would not have been a success without the many volunteers who gave time, energy, and heart to make Tuesday night possible. We'd like to offer our deepest thanks to Michelle I. Mayo, Mark Shelton, Coleen Egan, Lynnette Nicholas, Matthew Walsh, Alice Richardson, Darla Dee-Gould, Roland Clark, Thomas Cooper, Rachel Goodwin, Allen Ramsay, Carolyn Thomas, and Bear Freeman. Of course without Chairwoman and HCH founder Alison "Ellie" Mayo, whose prayerful guidance has directed this charity since its conception, none of us would have the privilege or opportunity to serve in such a worthy cause.

Many thanks to the Boston Collaborative for partnering with HCH, helping cover production costs, helping us meet deadlines, and spreading the word. We are so grateful for the crucial role you played in making this concert happen.  

Take care and Godspeed!

Sarah Joyce Cooper

A Nod to Our Neighbors: A Benefit Concert for Help!ComeHome!

Dear Friends, 

For those of you familiar with Help!ComeHome!, you know that for over a decade our volunteers and board members have served US citizens throughout the nation from countless backgrounds, traditions, and socioeconomic stations. In spite of these differences, all of us stand united in the common thread of humanity. No matter what our background, each of us has experienced joy, pain, loss, love, the beauty of a cool breeze on a hot day, the comfort of a familiar face in a new and strange setting...

The Boston Opera Collaborative has graciously partnered with Help!ComeHome! to program an evening of music that celebrates these universal experiences and emotions. Please join soprano Sarah Joyce Cooper and violinists Thomas Cooper and Roland Clark for a concert of Beethoven, Strauss, Turina, Jazz, and African American Spirituals. All proceeds from the concert will benefit Help!ComeHome! and the communities it serves throughout the US and Navajo Nation. 

We hope to see you there!

What: A benefit concert for Help!ComeHome! 

When: Tuesday, June 19th, 6pm

Where: Bemis Hall, 15 Bedford Rd, Lincoln, MA 01773

Tickets: $25 - adult,  $15 - senior,  $10 - student


Tchavolo Swing - Tchovalo Schmitt

Tres Poemas (Olas gigantes, Tu pupila es azul, Besa el aura) - Joaquín Turina

Sonata No. 1 in G minor (Fuga, Siciliane, Presto) - J. S. Bach

Selections from Richard Strauss (Ständchen, Wiegenlied, Ich schwebe, Morgen)


Partita No. 3 in E Major (Preludio, Loure, Gavotte en Rondeau) - J. S. Bach

Sonata No. 8 in G major Op. 30 No. 3 - Ludwig van Beethoven


His Name So Sweet (Hall Johnson, arr.)

Motherless Child (Moses Hogan, arr.)

Deep River (H. T. Burleigh, arr.)

About the Boston Opera Collaborative

Boston Opera Collaborative offers fresh opera experiences that put our audiences in close contact with the power of the human voice. Our year-round performance calendar features Boston’s brightest young talent in energetic and intimate productions of repertoire ranging from canon favorites to Boston premieres. We bring opera into unexpected places and find new ways to tell familiar stories, inviting the uninitiated to see their first opera and welcoming the lifetime fan to engage with our unique brand of music theater.

Boston Opera Collaborative’s roster artists come to us from the nation’s top conservatories, making Boston their home as they pursue the next stage of their careers. BOC provides performance and outreach opportunities, continuing education and professional development resources. We also provide opportunities for singers and others interested in arts administration to serve in an administrative capacity in one of our operational departments, from Production to Development, Marketing to Finance. Through this business model, they gain valuable hands-on experience in administrative skills that support their future careers in the arts.



Good Morning!
I can only pray this message finds everyone safe and well... This year sadly has come with great sorrow, as our Team has witnessed many loved ones who were seniors, family members, as well as old friends pass on in The Lord Jesus... many parts of our Agenda were postponed as a result... at this time, Help!ComeHome! has been traveling in The most western part of America and will be sending updates on The Journey... please remember to visit and call those you love, for human contact is God's Special Gift to Mankind. Besides this, most importantly, no one knows what The Future Holds... a robot is good if you aren't able to immediately see someone because of illness or distance... but, if you are able, get out and see your loved ones and old friends before it's too late.... God Bless .♥️



Good Afternoon!

Every Memorial Day, our nation takes time to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for the Precious Freedoms we all hold dear. At HCH, we believe it's equally important acknowledge those who remain with us in addition those who have passed on.

No matter what day it is, we remember these special Americans at all times, whether through quiet prayer or through any of our service projects for veterans and families of those who have lost loved ones in war.

Some take our freedoms for granted without thinking about the fact that someone SELFLESSLY put their life on the line for all that is right before God without even knowing ANY of us!!! Help!ComeHome!  treats everyday as some treat Memorial Day.......No matter where The Dear Lord Takes Us in our Travels, we try to help their Cause and fight against the plight of Countless Americans.....Let us bow our Heads and give thanks and prayers for all of Our Forces... Past and Present... want to see how you can help? Take Care and God Bless!


Good Afternoon, America!

I pray this message finds you well... Help!ComeHome! has a busy summer Agenda ahead, which will include traveling across the country to aid our American Family, helping out Communities and Fellow Charities with Water Distribution, hosting our very first big Fundraiser in Massachusetts, setting up our Traveling Food Pantries in various areas, and many other endeavors... In these times, we need to be united and stand together in Love in these matters... Please, if you find you have a little extra in your budget, help out your local non-profits and charities, for they all do a Blessed, Endless, and Selfless Work... One never knows... one day you may find you need them...

Thank You and God Bless!

Lynnette Nicholas
Head Secretary/Notary

The Water Project Continues

The Water Project is well underway as HCH members and volunteers continue to distribute clean drinking water to families throughout the US and Navajo Nation without access to this precious resource.

We'd like to thank Aaron Mayo, Terry Flower, Charles Kimball, Heather Paige Wolfe, Darla and Dana Gould, and many, many others who have all graciously supported the Water Project over the past few years. 

The Environmental Working Group has compiled a database that allows users across America to find out how much their water is contaminated according to 30 million state water records now accessible in one place.

Last year, USA today reported that an estimated 63 million Americans have been exposed to unsafe drinking water over the past decade.

Just last month, Trenton Water Works, a New Jersey-based company that provides running water to Trenton, Lawrenceville, and surrounding towns, issued a warning to its customers informing them that its water did not meet industry standards of purity. Warnings like these will only continue to become more commonplace.

The need for clean water is growing; access to this precious resource continues to become more limited. 

Any family or community we can help protect from the dangers of contaminated water is significant. Please consider making a donation to The Water Project Today. 

Take a look at some of our Water Project volunteers in action below!

HCH in Texas: Part II

Good afternoon, America!

Here’s another segment on our journey in Texas, which took us to Houston following this year’s particularly brutal hurricane season. HCH members ventured out in teams to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Even though weeks had passed since Harvey first struck, we found entire neighborhoods in serious disrepair. Many hardworking Americans had used their life-savings to move from neighborhoods that suffered the most damage. Without a backup plan, many of these individuals are now entirely dependent on government agencies and humanitarian organizations for recovery.

In partnership with the Salvation Army in Houston, HCH volunteers prepared food baskets to distribute to families in need throughout the Houston area. 

HCH representatives also met with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services to distribute food baskets and connect with families struggling to pay their bills.

We invite you to take a look at some of our memories from Houston below. We extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated volunteers: Allen Ramsay, Mark Shelton, Tony Peppers, Lynnette Nicholas, Darla Dee-Gould, Coleen Mayo, Sarah Cooper, and of course our Chairwoman Alison Mayo who organizes all HCH relief efforts!

Stay tuned for a video about hurricane damage in Houston… We haven’t heard about it in the news for weeks, but families are still struggling to recover.

Stay blessed!

The Help!ComeHome! Team

HCH in Texas: Part I

Good morning, America!

Along with nearly every other nonprofit in the US and far beyond, Help!ComeHome! was very busy in the last quarter of 2017. It is wonderful to see so many hearts rally together for the cause of the needy throughout man's holidays. I can only pray that this giving spirit continues throughout the rest of the Roman calendar year.

Our work down in Houston has carried on into 2018; the number of those in need only grows greater by the day. Because our work in Texas has been so extensive, we'll be posting about our time there in segments.

Here are some of our memories from working with the Children's Hunger Fund at America's Toy Wrap in Dallas.

The Children's Hunger Fund is a wonderful nonprofit that seeks to improve the lives of impoverished children in America and throughout the world. At last December's Toy Wrap, HCH and a host of other volunteers helped wrap thousands of toys for children in need. 

Stay blessed!

The Help!ComeHome! Team

A Moment of Reflection

Good evening, America!

I truly hope this message finds everyone well. With the increasingly troubling news headlines we face each day, I thought it might be a good time to talk about the goals and missions of Help!ComeHome! These goals have not changed since the charity's conception in 2008.

Help!ComeHome! is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in response to the ongoing economic struggles of middle and lower class US citizens. Far too many Americans continue to struggle to find work and keep up with basic living expenses. For a country that has for years provided one of the highest standards of living in the world, the living standards of our country's poorest neighborhoods are inexcusably low. New research reveals that the disparity between rich and poor only continues to increase. Many of us have begun to witness this phenomenon firsthand.

Help!ComeHome! reaches out to disadvantaged individuals and communities, providing help whenever and wherever possible. Whether in the form of monetary assistance, food basket donations, human labor, or moral support, Help!ComeHome! volunteers continually serve Americans throughout the US.

In the beautiful name of Jesus Christ, Help!ComeHome! will seek to provide assistance to struggling families and communities when all other resources have failed.

To learn more about our mission and find out how to get involved with our work, please visit

Take care and God bless,

Sarah Cooper, Executive Assistant


Hello My Dear Friends and Fellow Americans,

As we all walk into The Roman Calendar Year of 2018, I pray that Everyone's Resolutions for all that is Good and Right include Remembering who your True Family is, True Relatives Are, and True Friends and Kinsman from One's Childhood and make it a point not to Choose one of The World's Groups with all of their Prejudices, Practices, or Hatreds over Any of the Alliances which are Bound to your Heart By Love. Please use your ROBOT for connections to those you Treasure when you can in no way visit and see them. Don't use it to REPLACE HUMAN CONTACT.....FOR THAT IS A GIFT FROM GOD that should Never Be Replaced... Get out and see your Loved Ones and Remember those whom you share The Kewlest Memories With and Don't Let Societies' Groups You Join cause you to Forget... one day we may all truly need each other as The Future is Uncertain... My Love To All In Jesus Name... Peace.



New Members!!!

Hello America!!

HCH would like to take a moment to thank and introduce our newest volunteers!! Please join us in welcoming:

Terry Flower from Kittery, ME; Justin Youkey from Philadelphia, PA; Donna Earle from Dumfries, VA; Carol Thomas from Portsmouth, NH; Purvis Peppers from New York City; Jodi Eldridge from Marlborough, MA; Jason Rubick from York, ME; Mary Rubick from York, ME; and Kim and Cedric Gillikan from Gorham, ME.

We are deeply grateful for your support as we continue the never-ending fight against poverty for Americans and Native Americans across the nation in Jesus' Name. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing with us!






Good Afternoon America!
In these past years, Help!ComeHome! has been very Blessed to work with so so many Gracious and Beautiful Organizations across America, whose Volunteers and Members are some of the most Wonderful and Selfless Folks that have ever lived!! We have been very privileged to work with many Individual private citizens who just came forward with Hearts In Hand in The Love of Jesus! Pictured are some of The Charity's most precious moments working with Our own NH and New England Family, folks down the Eastern Seaboard and Mid Atlantic States, NYC Cares, NYC Harvest Food Bank, Ministry Street Soup Kitchens, Catholic Charities and Churches, Our Daily Bread, Salvation Army Kitchens, Goodwill Services, and Women's and Men's Shelters everywhere!!! Special thanks to Market Basket and The Community Action Programs as always!! (Just To Name A Few!)Take Care and Enjoy your Holidays!! God Bless!


Good Evening America!
By God's Blessing, The Charity has been able to hit the ground running in our Forever Quest to help those in need Countrywide. Through the Thanksgiving Holidays, we have been able to help over 200 Families throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and the Eastern Seaboard all the way to Florida. We couldn't have done it without The Selfless Volunteers giving their love and time! I give a Special Humble Thanks for all who have rallied to the call!! Great Loving Thanks to Allen Ramsay, Kimmy Burga Sullivan=-), Darcy Tardiff, Darla Dee Gould, Carolyn Thomas, Terry Risden, Lynnette Nicholas, Rossine Mayo, Kevin Murphy, Sarah Cooper, Evon Cooper, Coleen Mayo, Michelle Impey, and Chairwoman Ellie Mayo !!! We will continue to help as many as possible in Jesus Name... Amen

Help!ComeHome! and Community Action

Good Afternoon, America!

It's been over five years since Help!ComeHome! has been a proud supporter of Community Action Programs throughout New England.

Community Action Programs help countless citizens from Young to Seniors with everything from clothing, food, paying bills, job searches, and above all, moral support. When Help!ComeHome! has extra, we always try to give to our CAP Programs in Dover and Seabrook... This year, by the Grace of Jesus, we were fortunate enough to help them provide assistance to 50 Families. Please, if you have a little or a lot to spare, give to your local Charities and CAP Programs... We thank God for this beautiful Community where charity abounds... I pray that this level of giving continues in the months and years to come and NOT JUST DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON!

Thank God... Please be safe in this holiday season