HCH has been kept busy in these summer months by aiding many in need in various communities, visiting the Seniors and the sick, and traveling into The Middle and Southern States to partner with other Charities involved in this noble cause. Most recently we were in Houston Texas unaware of HARVEY. (We knew that a storm was about to hit the area, but had no idea about the large-scale destruction it would cause!) Upon leaving, we found ourselves trapped in a Huge Monsoon. By God's Graces, we made it through....veryyyyy scaryyyy!!!! We then found out about flooding and mass-damage caused by hurricane Harvey!!!! It's Tragic!!!! Thank God for so many stepping in to Donate their time and money. We are our cancelling our present Agenda and will be returning very soon to partner with other charities for Ongoing Clean up. Pictured : Oberlin, Ohio with The Sacred Heart Catholic Church headed up by the most amazing Pastor Robert Cole..... They do a great work in Jesus Name!!! I graciously thank all The HCH Team!! Take care and Be Safe!!!! God Bless!