Navajo Nation Trip!

Help!ComeHome! just finished a heart wrenching journey to Navajo Nation to bring clean drinking water to America's FIRST Americans. The need is great; years of corporate mining in the early 20th century have polluted the Navajo water supply with toxic heavy metals. This "basic" necessity many of us take for granted on a daily basis is a precious commodity on the Reservation. We will be making another journey out there, God willing, within the next 4 months. Any water donations will be most greatly appreciated; there are so many who live in areas with a limited clean water supply. It's a never ending void!!! Look into the history, and you will find out sadly why!!! A special thanks to our Board Member Andrea Arnstein Willie and her WONDERFUL husband Wilbur Willie and their family, who are Native American. They live on the reservation and were able to give us a first hand summary about the needs of the communities. They are also making preparations for HCH's upcoming trip to the Reservation, in which clean drinking water, clothing, and food will be distributed among Navajo homes. Great Thanks! (Click on a thumbnail to see the full image.)