The Water Project Continues

The Water Project is well underway as HCH members and volunteers continue to distribute clean drinking water to families throughout the US and Navajo Nation without access to this precious resource.

We'd like to thank Aaron Mayo, Terry Flower, Charles Kimball, Heather Paige Wolfe, Darla and Dana Gould, and many, many others who have all graciously supported the Water Project over the past few years. 

The Environmental Working Group has compiled a database that allows users across America to find out how much their water is contaminated according to 30 million state water records now accessible in one place.

Last year, USA today reported that an estimated 63 million Americans have been exposed to unsafe drinking water over the past decade.

Just last month, Trenton Water Works, a New Jersey-based company that provides running water to Trenton, Lawrenceville, and surrounding towns, issued a warning to its customers informing them that its water did not meet industry standards of purity. Warnings like these will only continue to become more commonplace.

The need for clean water is growing; access to this precious resource continues to become more limited. 

Any family or community we can help protect from the dangers of contaminated water is significant. Please consider making a donation to The Water Project Today. 

Take a look at some of our Water Project volunteers in action below!